Week 1 Featured Products

 Week 1
For week 1, we released a wide variety of products from various different brands. Click on the images to shop.
Here are some of our top picks!
  1.  Supreme Chart T-Shirt

This Supreme Chart T-Shirt was made popular by famous rapper Lil Uzi Vert when he first previewed his 'New Patek' video on his Instagram. This classic design from Supreme was a big hit when it released in the middle of 2018 and is available now in limited numbers on our site!


2. Thames Pan Vs Poppins Crew

This Thames Pan Vs Poppins crew is another brilliant piece from London based designer Blondey McCoy. The image on the front of the crew portrays a fight between Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, accompanied by a Disney style font. Another thought provoking piece from an ever-growing brand.


3. Palace 'Palex' Goretex Jacket

In 2017, Palace Skateboards announced the release on this collaboration jacket with gore-tex as a part of their Ultimo range. With a retail of around £450, we are selling this versatile waterproof jacker for only £300. Don't miss out!



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